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To reach your personal and professional potential you must look, feel and be your best.
The E.D.G.E. provides the tools to enhance your Energy, Diet, Goals and Exercise.
The Keys To Your Success!

GET THE E.D.G.E. covers the basics of E. D. G. E.
To provide more depth on each topic, this program can be presented as
four separate sessions as shown below.


Energy is the catalyst that empowers all that you are, therefore, it is vital to know what can enhance or deplete this valuable resource. Learn how stress, attitude and diet can drain you of your energy and inhibit you from reaching optimal performance, personally and professionally.

This program will M.A.P. your stress strategies, enabling you to defeat the destructive effects of stress. We will look at the Manifestations of Stress, your Attitude and Stress, and the Prescription to Minimize Stress.

Additional Areas: Six Major Stressors, Keys to Stress Management and a Stress Management Worksheet


Maintain your mental and physical energy through wise "fuel" choices.

Find out how what you eat can inhibit your odds of contracting five of the top diseases in America.

Learn ways to fight against this nation's #1 killer, while providing your body with the proper fuel to keep you energized and achieving your best.

Additional Areas: Definition and Role of Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins; The USDA's Food Pyramid, The Fat-Cholesterol Connection and "Fuel" Tips


Effective goal attainment is the key to your personal and professional success. Find out what motivates you and utilize the power of motivation to propel your goals into action.

Learn the "THINK IT - WRITE IT - BELIEVE IT - ACHIEVE IT" method to turn your thoughts and dreams into realities.

Additional Areas: Roles of a Motivator, how to stay Motivated and Succeed, Goal Setting Worksheet and a Motto to change your attitude and your life!


See why exercise should be a vital part of your life and capitalize on its benefits to reach your peak performance. Find out how exercise enhances your physical and mental well-being, making a positive impact on all areas of your life.

No more excuses! Activate the 3 Steps That Ignite Change, understand the Keys to Program Adherence and apply the Goal Setting Worksheet to develop an effective exercise program.

Additional Areas: Fallacy or Fact? Commonly asked questions and answers, motivation through "Mini Successes" and Components of an Exercise Program.


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