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"A Journey of Your Greatness"

Great people are not born great, but rather, they choose to be great. Utilize the influencing power of your mind and choose to think and act in ways that will set your life on a path that is destined to be “A Journey of Your Greatness!”

This inspiring course will begin by helping you to identify the areas in your life where you are “stuck” and are not living your “ultimate” life. The next step will be to take action and begin the process of getting “un-stuck.” You will learn how to take control of the direction of your life as you are introduced to the tools that can transform your life into a fulfilling and passionate experience. Living your “ultimate” life can become a reality!

"Great people are not those who come from
Great circumstances and opportunities -
Great people are those who create greatness
From their circumstances and opportunities."
~ Jenine Weyrauch

This course is appropriate for anyone, regardless of age or gender, who feels that they lack direction and purpose in their life, as well as for those who need the motivation to change the direction that they have been going.

The goal of this program is to awaken the mind, stir the spirit and empower the self-esteem. The course materials and discussions are engaging and life changing as they draw participants to the conclusion that a life of greatness is about making great choices, and learning and growing from the “not so great” ones. Everyone has the potential and ability to create, and live, a life of personal/professional greatness. My goal is to inspire and direct people to achieve this end.

NOTE: This program is based on the concepts in my book. Refer to the link “40... and stuck in the Middle” which provides a synopsis of the book and further details about the content in this program.


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