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Life Management Skills vs.
A Lifetime of Dieting

This is not another "diet" program that guarantees to melt away your unwanted pounds. This program is about much more than food and dieting, because the battle with weight has more to do with how you manage your life, than how you manage your lunch.

Food is often used to manage the “hunger” that exists from other issues that you have not found solutions for. Learn to utilize the skills that will help you to manage your life more effectively. Find solutions to the issues that you have been struggling with and begin to “melt” these issues away. And as you do, you will find that you no longer “medicate” them with food and you will melt your pounds away as well.

Stop the destructive cycle of dieting, stress, anxiety, resentment, discontentment, anger, fear, self-sabotage, etc. by realizing what puts you in these negative and unproductive states, and begin to deal with them by finding long-term solutions, rather than short-term escapes.

Highlights of this program:

Determine Areas in Your Personal and Professional Life that Need Improvement

Utilize the 4 Steps that Create Change

Find Out the 3 Things that Influence Your Decision Making

Apply the Qualities of a Successful Manager

Analyze the 4 Areas that Can Enhance or Hinder Your Motivation and Goal      Attainment

“Lighten Up!” Your Life and Your Eating Habits

Establish Resources to Help You Deal with Your Anxieties

Stop the “I’ll be ________ when…” and Make Decisions to Set Your Life in the      Direction You Want it to Go

Your Life is About Choices -
Choose to Design and Manage Your Life
and Make it One That is Your
Personal and Professional Best!


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