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(This program was developed to combat the craze that occurs around the hectic months of November and December.)

As the holiday months quickly approach, the thought of this sends some into fond memories of fun, festivities and friends; while others go into cardiac arrest thinking of food (weight gain!), frenzy and frustration. STOP! Before the negative cycle begins to churn again, make a plan to take control of your holiday schedule, rather than allowing the holidays to take control of you.

This workshop will guide you through the coming months, enabling you to start the New Year sane, happy and healthy!

Key Points Include:
-  You are not too busy to exercise. You are too busy not to exercise!
-  How to avoid the "Holiday Hallmark" (Hint: You're still trying to work last year's off.)
-  Managing you and your time. There is only one of you, and 24 hours in your day.
    Don't act like you can stretch either one without something (or someone) snapping!
-  Budget or Bust! Are you still paying off last year's holiday spending spree?

By planning ahead, you can avoid the common holiday pitfalls and begin to build memories, rather than misery. This workshop is well worth your time and promises to help you get the New Year off to a great start with a healthy, energetic frame of mind and body!


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