JENINE WEYRAUCH is the owner of PerVict Body Programs
a company that offers Corporate and Employee Development Programs,
Wellness Workshops, Keynote Addresses, Fitness Training and Life Coaching.

Radio Interview
KPFK "Life on Purpose" Program

Glendale, CA

Regional Association of Realtors
Palm Springs, CA

The Motion Picture Industry
Wellness Program
Toluca Lake, CA

SinglesFest - Los Angeles, CA
Presentation, Interviews
and Book Signing

As a motivational speaker, workshop presenter, author and trainer, Jenine is known for her motivational style and contagious energy.

With over 20 years of experience, Jenine has the ability to engage any audience with her powerful presence and inspiring insight. She stimulates thought and leaves a lasting impression. Jenineís "coaching" style of speaking offers a practical approach as she inspires and instructs people to ~

Strive for Excellence through
Personal Victory

Enthusiastic and Empowered Workshop Attendees

"Jenine's vivacious manner and expertise make her one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of working with. The MPI participants love her programs and continue to benefit greatly from them."
The Motion Picture Industry Wellness Program
Tina Johnson, Health Promotion Manager

"Jenine is an exceptional speaker, with poise and professionalism. She presents with confidence, humor and insight."
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Gloria Cobble, Human Resources Administrator

"Jenineís program was engaging. She offered new information and perspectives that left the group with tangible solutions."
The Miramonte Resort & Spa
Jennifer Di Francesco, Spa Director

"Jenine has the ability to inspire and motivate people. Our guests love her programs and positive energy."
The Oaks at Ojai Spa & Resort
Elizabeth Horton, Event Coordinator

"Wow, did I get more than I asked for with Jenine's presentation! Her straight talk is filled with humor and easy to understand concepts. My associates have since been requesting Jenine's return."
The Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa
Victor Simmons, Director of Human Resources

"Jenine is a breath of fresh air! She got everyone's energy re-focused."
Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors
Sam Schenkl, Executive Officer


PerVict Program Topics Include:

Stress Reduction, Balancing Career and Family, and other Life Management Skills; Health, Nutrition and Fitness; Communication and Conflict Resolution; Goal Setting and Motivation; Procrastination and Prioritization; Time and Project Management; Enhancing Energy, Focus and Achievement; Mind Games or Mind Power: Managing Negative Mental Messages; How to Avoid Holiday Pitfalls; and Living Life as a Journey of Your Greatness.

The Sports Center
Toluca Lake Tennis Club

Southern California Gas Company
Managers and Staff Meeting

Motion Picture & Television Fund
Wellness Partnership
Woodland Hills, CA

The Oaks at Ojai Spa & Resort
Ojai, CA

SinglesFest - Los Angeles, CA
Featured Speaker
on the Lifestyle Stage


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