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Learn Life Management Skills to
Propel You in a More Positive,
Productive and Healthy Direction

This program was designed to instruct and inspire people on how to utilize the skills that minimize stress, while maximizing time and potential.

The two sources of stress, direct and indirect, will both be discussed. Direct stress is the result of stressors such as miscommunication, work overload, tension with children, discord with a significant other, “difficult” people, traffic and unexpected occurrences such as the loss of a job, divorce, a death or illness.

Indirect stress comes from “internal conflict” which can be caused by the lack of motivation and goal attainment, a lack of focus and direction in life, low self-esteem, dealing with negative mental messages, “comfort zones” and procrastination.

To Better Manage Direct and Indirect Stress, The Content in this Program Includes:

How Stress, Attitude and Diet Can Either Increase or Inhibit Your Energy

The Physical, Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Manifestations of Stress

A Vital Stress Management Question

Choosing Your State of Mind Wisely, Since Your Attitude Impacts Your Actions

Define Your Priorities, Passions and Purpose, To Give Your Life Focus and Direction

Thrive on a High Performance Diet, Don’t Just Survive by Running on Empty

Utilize the Benefits of Exercise to De-Stress and Reach Your Peak Performance

Capitalize on Your Motivators and Use Them to Propel You to Action

Organize and Prioritize Your Life to Be a Better Time Manager

Discover the Keys to Help You Stop Procrastinating

Build More Effective Communication Skills

Understand What Influences Your Decision Making Process

Use Your W.I.N.G.S. to be a More Stress free, Happy, Healthy and Successful You!

NOTE: This program was designed as a 4-hour workshop and can be presented in its entirety, as a two-part program or it can be condensed to a shorter version, if necessary.


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