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T. H. R. I. V. E.
Not Just Survive

Adopt attitudes and actions that will help you to thrive through the New Year. Begin to organize and prioritize, to make the most of your time. See how you can heal wounds that hurt and hinder, in order to become a stronger, healthier you. And, most importantly, define your message and mission. After you have identified what you are passionate about, you can then allow it to propel you towards greater ventures and successes. This new program is sure to motivate your group to look, feel and achieve their best!

Take the Test of Time

Utilize the two key components of time management
Make choices that will construct the life you want
Develop attitudes that will produce the results you want
Review your past & Prepare for your future


Heal What Hinders

Identify wounds that hurt and hinder you
Learn from your past & Build a better future
Face your fears, stressors, and other inhibitors
Apply the steps to becoming a new, stronger you


Revel in the Wonder of You

Define who you are, and who it is that you want to become
Understand that how you define yourself will direct who you become
Implement the secrets to loving you, and the life you live
Capitalize on your strengths, as well as your “weaknesses”


Imprint Your Success

Determine what success is for you
Know the steps to achieving this success
Develop your Circle of Greatness
Adopt beliefs that will transform the direction of your life


Visualize & Revitalize

Design a life where you will thrive, Not just survive
Develop a strong body – Fit & Feeling Fabulous
Enhance your mind – Focus & Perspective
Map your course – Message & Mission


Empower Your Potential
Identify your Passion & Live it
Begin each day with positive expectation
Close each day with a heart of appreciation
Believe that you are worthy of – Looking, Feeling and Achieving Your Best


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